The TkRotationComponentData Property adds rotations to things. It is using this Property that things like the rotating jetpack hologram gets its rotations in game.

The Property has the following form:

    <Property value="TkRotationComponentData.xml">
      <Property name="Speed" value="0.15" />
      <Property name="Axis" value="Vector4f.xml">
        <Property name="x" value="0.4" />
        <Property name="y" value="1" />
        <Property name="z" value="0" />
        <Property name="t" value="0" />
The Properties here are pretty self explanatory. Speed is the speed at which the object rotates around the axis specified.

The y-axis is the vertical axis used in game, so to get something to rotate around just the y-axis, all other values within Axis would be set to 0. t is always 0 as it isn't used at all by the game.

Unfortunately this cannot be applied to planets to make them spin (we tried!)